Made up of six of Vancouver’s most sought-after musical multitaskers, Standing Wave is dedicated to commissioning and performing contemporary chamber music by Canadian and International composers. The group’s six members—flutist Christie Reside, clarinettist Anne-Katherine Coope, violinist Rebecca Whitling, cellist Peggy Lee, pianist Allen Stiles, and percussionist Vern Griffiths—venture into a wide array of musical worlds with passion and assurance. From the intricate complexities of the music of Howard Bashaw and Chris Paul Harman, to the bold avant-garde jazz of Tony Wilson, and the anarchic electroacoustic imaginings of Giorgio Magnanensi, the ensemble has commissioned and premiered over 80 works in its 26 year history.

Since its formation in 1991, Standing Wave has presented an annual season of concerts in Vancouver, has toured across Canada, and been featured as part of the Vancouver New Music Festival, the Victoria Symphony’s New Currents Festival, and the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.  In 2014, 2015 and 2016, Standing Wave performed the opening concerts of the annual VSO New Music Festivals; the ensemble performed the festival’s closing concert in 2017.  In 2011, Standing Wave was the ensemble in residence at Vancouver Pro Musica’s Sonic Boom Festival, and was featured over three nights at Vancouver’s International PuSh Festival, performing ALL, the ensemble’s multimedia collaboration with award-winning filmmaker Mina Shum.  Standing Wave has released four CDs:  New Wave (2017), Liquid States (2013), Redline (2007), and a self-titled recording (1991). The ensemble has been recorded many times for CBC Radio; the ensemble’s November 29, 2010 and May 31, 2011 concerts were each broadcast on CBC’s The Signal.  Since 2003, Standing Wave has been an Ensemble in Residence at the UBC School of Music.

Selected Repertoire — Written for Standing Wave

Vincent Ho                               Sandman’s Dream (2016)

James O’Callaghan                 subject / object (2016)

Alfredo Santa Ana                  Seven for Six (2015)

Joel Balzun                              On Tablets of Human Hearts (2014)

François Houle                        Feuilles de sons (2014)

Michael Oesterle                      Emmy Noether (2014)

Leslie Uyeda                            Blue House (2013)**

AK Coope                                Old Time (2013)**

Bradshaw Pack                        Sidereal (2013)**

Peggy Lee                                Background Noise (2013)**

                                                **movements from “Song Room Suite”

Edward Top                             Pots ‘n Pans Falling (2013)

Justin Christensen                    Critical Distance (2013)

Kati Agócs                               Crystallography (2012)

Daniel Janke                            Weather Coming (2012)

Marcus Goddard                      Raven Tales (2012)

John Korsrud                           Picture Waving, Stand Talking (2011)

Nicole Lizée                             Sculptress (2010)

Vern Griffiths                          Two Ring Circus (2010)

Bramwell Tovey                      The Mackenzie Plunge (2010)*

Veda Hille                                Vancouver Parks 1970-1982 (2010)*

Alfredo Santa Ana                   On the Bridge (2010)*

Martin Ritter                            Lynn Valley Mist (2010)*

Ron Samworth                         Garry Point (2010)*

Brent Belke                              Orange Grey (2010)*

*segments from “The Vancouver Suite”, music for Mina Shum’s film/theatre installation “All”

Rodney Sharman                     Pavane, Galliard, and Variations (2009/2010)

Giorgio Magnanensi                 aBK (2010)

Jocelyn Morlock                      Theft (2009)

Achim Kaufmann                    Faserungen (2009)

Arne Eigenfeldt                        The Title of Your Book (2008)

Cameron Wilson                      At the Hop (2008)

Jeffrey Ryan                            Burn (2008)

Jocelyn Morlock                      Writing in the Margins (2007)

Giorgio Magnanensi                 ethuiá VII (2007)

Bradshaw Pack                        palimpsest: Overture & Violin Solo, Theme & Song, O Misterium Ineffabile/ Arioso Distante

Howard Bashaw                       10M-5P-17m (2005)

Gregory Lee Newsome            in medias res (2005)

Linda Bouchard                       Liquid States (2004)

James Beckwith Maxwell         Reflectere (2004)

Keith Hamel                             Adawura (2003)

Thierry Pécou                          Quelqu’un Parle au Tango (2003)

Chris Paul Harman                   Incipits (2003)

Jacqueline Leggatt                    by are in very nod (2003)

Bob Pritchard                           I/You Have Wounded My Heart (2002)

Giorgio Magnanensi                 Aila (2002)

André Ristic                             Environnements improvisés (2002)

John Korsrud                           Lather (2001)

David MacIntyre                      Intimate Letters (2001)

Bradshaw Pack                        palladia (2001)

Nikolai Korndorf                     Merry Music for Very Nice People (2001)

Peter Hannan                           your ghost: my machine (2000)

James Maxwell                        bodig-menen (2000)

Owen Underhill                       The Gaze (2000)

Peggy Lee                                Retracing (2000)

François Houle                        the abstract body abandons itself to light (2000)

Ron Samworth                         C’est ça (2000)

Bruce Mather                           Bourgueil (1999)

Michael Bushnell                     Cloud, Castle, Lake (1999)

William O. Smith                     10 X 200 (1999)

James Maxwell                        forberen (1999)

Itamar Erez                              Ritornello I & III  (1999)

Jacqueline Leggatt                    Raido (1999)

Bradshaw Pack                        Ellipsis (…) gleaning eidolons

Peter Hatch                              Music is a Beautiful Disease (1999)

Chris Miller                             a long wave (slow) and a tune (nebulous), standing (1999)

Brent Lee                                 Ribbons of Visible Air (1998; revised 1999)

Serge Arcuri                             Waves (1998)

Jeremy Berkman                      Try, Try Again (1998)

François Houle                        Black Triangle (1998)

Doug Smith                              Music for Madeline (1998)

Bradshaw Pack                        the earth for you a Standing place (1997)

Paul Dolden                             The Frenzy of a Standing Wave (1997)

Stéphane Roy                           Inaccessible Azur (1997)

Tony Wilson                            Z, #10, For Chet Baker (1997)

Performed by Standing Wave:

Thomas Adès                          Catch

Kati Agócs                               Immutable Dreams

Louis Andreissen                    Workers Union

Georges Aperghis                    Graffitis; récitation 9; récitation 14

Sergio Barroso                         Crómicas de Ultrasueño

Bob Becker                              Prisoners of the Image Factory;               Palta (arranged by David Carlisle)

Alan Bell                                  Monashee: Three Lyrical Sketches

Alban Berg                               Adagio; Four Pieces Opus 5

Linda Bouchard                       Réciproque

Pierre Boulez                           Dérive

Tim Brady                               Circling; Double Helix; Three or four Days after the Death of Kurt Cobain

Anthony Braxton                     composition 148 (+1+105a+23c)

John Cage                                Nocturne

John Cage                                Bacchanale

John Cage                                Six Melodies

Elliot Carter                             Con Leggerezza Pensosa: Omaggio a Italo Calvino;                Triple Duo

Brian Cherney                          Echoes in the Memory

Jeffrey Cotton                          Meditation, Rhapsody, and Bacchanale

George Crumb                         Dream Sequence; Eleven Echoes of Autumn, 1965

George Crumb                         Vox Balaenae

Brett Dean                                Sextet: Old Kings in Exile

Joël-François Durand               la mesure des choses – 1 – la mesure de l’air

Egberto Gismonti                     Infancia

Gerard Grisey                          Solo pour deux; Vortex Temporum

Peter Hatch                              A Chopsticks Fantasy (Mildred’s Thoughts); When do they is not the same as why do they

Charles Ives                             The Unanswered Question (arranged by François Houle)

Alexina Louie                          Cadenzas

René Lussier                            Forever West, Toujours à l’Ouest

Missy Mazzoli                         Isabelle Eberhardt Dreams of Pianos

Missy Mazzoli                         Still Life With Avalanche

Tristan Murail                          Feuilles a Travers les Cloches  

Michael Oesterle                      l’effusione d’amicizia 4

Arvo Pärt                                 Fratres

Thierry Pécou                          Nocturne

Steve Reich                              Pieces of Wood

Frederic Rzewski                     Coming Together

Kaija Saariaho                          Serenatas

Somei Satoh                             Toki no Mon (A Gate into Infinity)

Giacinto Scelsi                         The Piccolo Suite; Kho Lho

Salvatore Sciarrino                   Come vengona prodotti gli incantesima?

Salvatore Sciarrino                   Lo Spazio Inverso

Bent Sorensen                          The Deserted Churchyards

Toru Takemitsu                       Quatrain II

Sean Varah                              Slipping Image

Claude Vivier                           Paramirabo; Pulau Dewata

Ian Wilson                               Timelessly This

Iannis Xenakis                         Ikhoor