SW’s next concert. Looking ahead….

Coming up at Pyatt Hall on April 13, 2014.

star-clustersIt’s Fact vs Faith, Science vs Sacredness, Sophistry vs Sacristy, in Standing Wave’s upcoming concert, 1000 Times This.

In one corner, representing the rational, the science-fictional, the nihilistical….. Iannis “Boom-Boom” Xenakis, Nicole “Breaking Bad” Lizée, and Michael “Big Bang” Oesterle.

And in the other corner, representing the holy, the heavenly, and the homily….Arvo “The Tintinabulist” Pärt, John “The Transcendentalist” Coltrane, and Joel “The Emergent” Balzun.

Come and experience the knock-down, debate-provoking contemporary chamber music event of the season!

…featuring world premieres of Emmy Noether, by internationally acclaimed Canadian composer Michael Oesterle, and On Tablets of Human Hearts, by up-and-coming Canadian composer Joel Balzun; as well as a new arrangement of music of John Coltrane by Vancouver’s own master-improviser, clarinettist, and composer, and Standing Wave founding member, François Houle.

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